Enterprises Barber Men is one of the small businesses a hefty yield, in addition to his business not menghandalkan muscle does not require ongoing costs but enough to prepare the initial capital and then just buy a razor, soap liquid for wetting will be in the razor and money paid electricity , 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Barber.
A. Excess while the advantages or benefits of establishing a business or a barber known as barbershop include: work place crowded, menghandalkan not work the muscles do not even sweat, a decent income to meet daily needs and not expend capital continues constantly but only with the services and the services we provide and still bnyak another advantage of the barber business.B. Lack or makes bad .. In running a business or work certainly there are always pros and cons and all the work there is always a risk and obstacles that we face, now the risk of a barber's business, among others, are always rolling in the dirt hair , meaning the body and clothing of a barber usually much stick hair pieces, always keeping the customer's place of business and wait mesmkipun who come not much, inhaling dust from the hair trimmed hair and feared disease of the lungs and cough on the day twilight .. However, however all of these risks can be anticipated course with caution and find a solution ..Business Income Barber Men .. Men's Barber Enterprises including small businesses whose income is passable and sufficient umtuk needs, let alone rates perkepala Rp 12,000. and for customers per day which we can 15 people, mean monthly income of 12,000 x 15 = 180,000 x 30 = 5.4 million, meaning an average income of Rp 5.4 million per month, that if the tariff is Rp 12,000 while the average tariff hair pengkas today Rp 15,000, let alone we've managed to bring employees up to 5 or 10 people, maybe my friend can own to count ... hhehe ...Thus this brief article I hope there is no benefit and who wish to make comments or questions please below .. wassalam

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